Tortoise Glasses Etsy Finland

Black glasses look great if you’re after a more minimalist style. opticiens are versatile enough to be worn in all kinds of outfits, and can be more fun to style because they let you incorporate more colors into the frames. Tortoise shell glasses are very flattering on almost anyone and can be a great alternative to solid-color frames.
Glasses with solid-colored temples add a modern feel to the timeless tortoise design. Round glasses pair well with color variations like cobalt tortoise and honey tortoise. Navy tortoise and green tortoise add a fresh vibe to the rounded look. White Glasses For Men & Women White Glasses are a relatively new phenomenon.
Today, tortoise glasses frames are made from a variety of plastics to mimic the look of tortoiseshell, often combined with metal arms or accents. The unique coloring of our tortoise eyeglasses is achieved with plant-material based acetate. Don’t worry, no turtles or tortoises were harmed in the making of our frames!
Tortoiseshell glasses are a timeless style that never goes out of style. Tortoiseshell frames can instantly add personality to your outfit and express your individuality. Gray is an excellent choice because it’s neutral and complements many outfits.
Or raise your vibe when you wear tortoise glasses with eco-friendly zebrawood temples. Tortoise shell pattern is a unique mosaic of brown and beige tones. It works well on glasses frames because it is a fluid design. It also looks elevated and pleasing to the eye because it has a natural-looking array of specks and patches. The classic tortoise shell color makes a statement no matter what you’re wearing. You can also have a little fun with variations on the traditional look.
They look good on both men and women and make an excellent choice when shopping for new eyewear frames. Tortoiseshell frames predate glasses style and will therefore outlast it. Their unique patterns guarantee no uniformity as no 2 pairs are identical. Their classic and warm color works with many different outfits face shapes, and skin tones.
Actual tortoise shell was used for centuries for jewelry, furniture inlays and of course eyeglass frames. Horn was also a popular material for frames through the early 20th century. Focusers versions of these frames are made from lightweight, durable zyl and acetate, capturing and displaying the beautiful mottled pattern of the original materials. If you’re constantly on the go, choose a pair that’s lightweight and durable, like rimless tortoise shell frames.
Bronze frames are perfect for those looking for a more serious look without going too conservative. Bronze sunglasses are perfect for the gold look without its shiny hues. Octagon Glasses For Men & Women Octagon Glasses frames are a fairly new development. Historically the first iteration of octagonal frames were during the 1850s. Many early steel eyeglasses frames were made in the octagon shape. This took a break for some 50 years until the popularity of rimless eye glasses in the 1920’s took hold.
For something a little different, look for frames that layer the dappled browns and blacks with earthy tones, or go bright with a vivid green or blue. Bronze Glasses For Men & Women Bronze eyeglasses trace back to the mid 1800’s when early vintage sliding temples reigned supreme. One of the only colors used was bronze, this in addition to silver. Bronze Glasses were in essence the precursor to gold vintage frames, before the technology for gold filling was advanced. There was a small resurgence of bronze eyeglass frames in at the turn of the 20th century with bronze oval glasses. The next time reappearance was in the 1970s with bronze octagonal glasses.

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