3 Futon Seater Swing Where East Meets West

Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures in life that make us happy, like swinging happily in a hammock on the beach. Why not innovate a bit by creating the 3-Seater Futon Swing? A 3-seater futon swing is a futon converted into a swing with the capacity of a 3-seater seat. Currently, if you are looking for one, you may need to create one yourself. But don’t worry just yet. It is not as difficult to make one as you think!

Gouttieres Monteregie

First you need to get a 3 seat swing. The 3-seat swing that you purchase must have a 3-seat cast aluminum swing. This swing frame you buy has to be a heavy duty powder coated garden swing. Make sure you also have a tipping umbrella, harness kit, and sturdy umbrella so it won’t fade in the harshest outside weather. This is your first step and the skeleton of your 3 seater futon swing.

Now that you have your 3 seat swing frame. Still not the most comfortable thing in the world. The good can be better. That is why we try to combine another luxury in our set. The hard part is finding a futon that you can use for cushioning in your new 3-seater swing frame. Now don’t be discouraged. After all, it’s just a futon you’re looking to fit into the puzzle, right? Wrong. There is no place in the world where you can find a futon that fits the size of a 3-seater swing. It just isn’t available.

However, there is an alternative. You can find a pillow made with the texture and quality of a futon mattress and use it as a pillow for your 3 seater futon swing. Now go to a futon store and find a baby futon. You need to communicate your intention to the seller so that they can get an idea of ​​your 3 seater futon swing project and estimate the best pillow made with the futon specification for your 3 seater futon swing. Ask to see baby futon options. Futons made for babies have the same texture and are not softer or harder than regular futons. So all you need is six of them and then you have your complete fusion of traditional Japanese bedding and 3-seater garden swing. Your new 3 seater futon swing will be the envy of your neighbors for a long time!

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