The Good Ugly of Photo Sharing Sites

It’s been nearly 15 years since consumer digital cameras hit the market and they’ve come a long way. At first, your friends might impress you with a 1 megapixel digital camera that was bulky and drained like there’s no tomorrow. Nowadays, most of us have a better camera on mobile.

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Cameras are everywhere now and, to some extent, we’ve all become photographers. It has become commonplace to document our lives in photos: what we eat and wear, the products we use, the places we go, the people we see. Taking pictures is fun, of course, but half the fun is sharing them with friends, family, and strangers on the Internet. Right?
So, you need a place to do it. Almost everyone these days has online photo albums on Facebook, Flickr, or Instagram. But what if you are a professional photographer (or aspire to be) and want to share your photos?

There are many things to think about when buying a site to showcase your work.
Instant photo portfolio
One of the biggest benefits of photo sharing sites is that they act as an instant online portfolio. Using a photo sharing website creates an instant portfolio for a photographer at any stage of their career and they are easy to share with potential clients. Many sites allow you to use templates to customize your landing page, save photos in separate albums, and add notes or comments to explain each shot.

Since many of these customizable options come preloaded, you can create an online photo gallery in minutes, much faster than it takes to design a custom website to showcase your photos.

Easy to use
Most photo sharing websites offer sophisticated features to make the user experience smooth and simple and are constantly improving. Almost all major sites have easy-to-use upload tools, batch filenames, multiple photo albums, and simple edits like size and brightness.

You can also easily classify and tag photos, making it easy to collect and organize photos no matter how many you have. The best photo sharing sites also make it a breeze to share albums via email or embed them on your website.

In terms of profitability, photo sharing sites look pretty good. Many sites allow users to upload a certain amount of data for free and offer inexpensive upgrades for larger storage spaces. This can make photo sharing sites very attractive to amateur photographers on a tight budget.
No, not that kind of exposure! Thanks to their built-in searches and high search engine rankings, photo sharing sites can attract more people to your photos without much effort on your part. If you’ve given your photos a correct name and label, you’re likely to see more traffic on a photo-sharing site than on your own custom domain. Photographers can gain even more exposure by allowing people to use their photos under a variety of Creative Commons licenses. Flickr is one of the best examples of this in action, allowing photographers to designate the license under which a photo can be shared, and photos on Flickr can be searched by license type, making it easier for blog publishers to search for photo types. they wish. At a minimum, Creative Commons licenses require the user to give attribution, and most people also link to their Flickr album. This further increases your reach, as new audiences see your photos.

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